Peace in the Park

Peace in the Park


Take inspiration from your relationship with peace and consider using that proactively.

Everyone desires peace. You too can practice peace, and apply it to yourself and to others in your immediate surroundings. Discover your first step to peace and then share your experience with others. ‘Peace in the Park’ is a peace festival where visitors can meet in relaxed harmony. ‘Peace in the Park’ inspires citizens of The Hague to contemplate their personal relationship with peace and then practice it. Take inspiration from story time, tête-à-tête, music and a variety of other activities for young and old alike. The festival encourages small inner change, rewarding not only for your own personal life, but also for those in your immediate surroundings. What will you contribute to personal peace? Join us in ‘Peace in the Park’; meet, experience and unite.

‘Peace in the Park’ celebrates its fourth annual event; its organization and events are all run by volunteers. Our aim and objective for this festival is to bring together people from a variety of backgrounds and places to meet and exchange thoughts, ideas and practical experience concerning peace, to foster a setting of connectedness and last but not least to discover what you can do yourself, as the first tiny step.

When: Sunday, 24th of September 2017 from 12:00hrs till 18:00hrs; entrance is free.

Where: The Hague, Palace gardens (use entrance located on the ‘Prinsessewal’)