Six Senses for Peace @ Paard van Troje

Six Senses for Peace @ Paard van Troje

In areas of conflict but also at home, conflict lead to new problems such as migration and radicalization. A a lot remains to be done.

Of course we could just wait for the big international organizations like the UN to solve the problem, hoping that another 70 years will do the trick. But how about exploring new solutions and viewpoints together in the Hague? What if we were to look at the solutions differently? Could it set peace and justice in motion? In this interactive event, speakers will use one of the six senses, eyes, tongue, nose, ears, mind and body to overcome challenges and contribute to peace. And they challenge original minds like you from within and beyond the field of peace and justice to contribute to the conversation.

Meet Paul Hansen from Sweden, one of the winners of World press photo 2016, who uses his camera to create dialogue about war and peace,Daeun Lim and Seoyoon Kwon from respectively North and South Korea, who studied at the Design academy how to picture peace. Or Hilary Jones, ethical director of Lush, who proves that you can smell good without animal testing, and Marieke Liem, a criminologist who claims that the world has become a safer place for us all as long as we fight our fears.

18:30 – 21:00, Paard van Troje