From the Sea to the Clouds to the Soil

  • Date: 08 December 17:00 - 20:00
  • Location: Stroom Den Haag

From the Sea to the Clouds to the Soil offers unexpected angles to make us (more) aware of the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.
Open: Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00-17:00
Official opening: Saturday 1 October, 17:00 - 20:00 (with welcome speech and performance)

The group exhibition at Stroom focuses on 'kinship', the ultimate sense of connection between all forms of life. It brings together contemporary artists who explore this intimate kinship with the natural environment. The (re)discovery of this ecological connectedness is increasingly urgent; look, for instance, at the existential pressures resulting from climate change. Can we as humans really still see ourselves as separate from nature, which is increasingly out of balance?

Risk Hazekamp (i.c.w. Scape Agency, the Netherlands), Femke Herregraven (the Netherlands), Urok Shirhan(Iraq/the Netherlands), Yeon Sung (South Korea) and Natasha Tontey (Indonesia) make connections and relationships tangible and experienceable, which often escape our view. For instance, can we (better) learn to listen to other voices or elements, such as those of air, wind and water? Can we imagine a world in which we live on equal terms with the cyanobacteria; an organism that supplies the atmosphere with oxygen but in the exhibition itself lives on the visitors' breath? It is precisely by imagining a shared future that the artists seek another opening to confront the urgency of climate change. They invite visitors not just to look and listen, but to actually open up to other living forms and feel the connection with them.

With the works, Stroom presents speculative scenarios that encourage us to think differently about the role that plants, soil types, air particles and water can play in the ecosystem of the urban environment. To literally look at the world around us from a different perspective: from the sea, the clouds, the soil.

Extra activities
A fringe programme during the exhibition will explore current questions about climate, symbiosis and kinship in the Hague context.
On Saturday 8 October, during Museumnacht Den Haag, we will present a special film programme with videos by students and recent graduates of the KABK, focusing on symbiotic connectedness in nature and the role technology plays in this.

Courtesy of
From the Sea to the Clouds to the Soil comes courtesy of the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and the Municipality of The Hague.
The work by Natasha Tontey is a co-production with Auto Italia in London, i.c.w. La Becque, Tour-de-Peilz, and Shedhalle, Zurich.The work by Risk Hazekamp + Scape Agency is made possible by Stichting Stokroos, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie and the support of Sabrina Botton.

Stroom Den Haag

Hogewal 1-9
2514 HA Den Haag

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