Expositie Distance (10-22 sep)

Expositie Distance (10-22 sep)

10 Sep 2018

Night of the Dictatorship: Exhibition Distance
The exhibition Distance of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee is about political prisoners and resistance in Azerbaijan and can be seen in the Atrium The Hague from 10 to 22 September. The exhibition is part of the Night of the Dictatorship.

Exhibition Distance
Over 100 journalists, bloggers, poets, human rights defenders, politicians, civic and religious activists have been separated from their families by fabricated charges and hefty prison sentences. Years of crackdown on dissident voices.

Azerbaijan, once one of the first democratic republics in the Islamic world, nowadays a land of political prisoners. How can you help others that defend human rights and democracy miles away? What can the Netherlands and the EU do to bridge the distance? 

Netherlands Helsinki Committee
The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is a non-governmental organization that promotes human rights and strengthens the rule of law and democracy in Europe.

Night of the Dictatorship/Nacht van de Dictatuur
As a counterpart to the International Day of Democracy, the Night of Dictatorship offers ammunition to critical citizens and night owls to expose existing ideas about democracies and dictatorships. During the Night you can participate in various activities: from dictator dinner to exhibition, and from lectures to nightly guided tours. De Nacht will take place this year from September 12 until 15 in The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Groningen.