20 Sep 2018

This event is now sold out.  Sorry you missed it. 
The good news is that you can still join the session on September 20th, 16:00-18:00 hrs interactively by clicking on this link for the Livestreamand following us on Twitter @HagueTalks .  Use our hashtag #HagueTalks to tweet your questions and comments and join the dialogue.  We hope to see you there.


Register now to join our Hague Talks discussion about what makes peace sustainable. It’s a key issue for all of us – especially if you work or study in The Hague, where the key concepts of justice, peace and security are being debated daily. And we have a great line up of insightful speakers who’ll get you thinking about what exactly are the ingredients of sustainable peace.

In our line up on September 20 in the venue Paard:

  • Sven Koopmans has negotiated with governments and rebels. From his experience working in peace processes for the UN and the EU on conflicts in Syria, South Sudan, Darfur, Mali, Ukraine and Cyprus among others, he calls for more realism in peace-making. He is currently a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands with the Liberal Party (VVD).
  • Sada Mire who looks at human sustainability, from the perspective of our shared heritage and what diversity of our ancestors means for us today.  Mire is a Somali-Swedish archaeologist,  Assistant Professor at Leiden University’s Faculty of Archaeology and Executive Director Horn Heritage Organisation, Somaliland.
  • Heshika Deegahawathura argues for solutions that meet the basic needs of the people post-conflict. He’sa social entrepreneur innovating for policy impact and economic development. He’s led strategic and cross-sectoral projects in both the private and public sector. And assisted the rehabilitation and reintegration process of former rebels as a rehabilitation officer for the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka.
  • Rabiaâ Benlahbib is convinced that for lasting peace, justice alone is not sufficient. She is the founder and director of Creative Court, a Hague-based organisation that develops art and education projects reflecting on peace and global justice.

So if you want to come and join the discussion on sustainable peace, register now. We expect to tackle some key elements during this evening at Paard:

  • What causes conflict? Are there new effective methods we can share that have dealt with root causes and prevented war? What can we do ourselves to counter the tendency to see others negatively?
  • How do we get out of a conflict? What can we learn from experienced peace negotiators who take us inside their worlds and sow us how warring parties can be encouraged to the table?
  • And what precise mix makes peace sustainable? Is there a set of secret ingredients? How can we judge sustainability? What do you need to know about local systems? How can this knowledge be embedded?

If you want to hear from practitioners and professionals, social entrepreneurs, activists and artists– all of whom are passionate about contributing their talents and knowledge to the objective of lasting peace, then this edition of HagueTalks is for you. Come along and join the discussion at #haguetalks.

Moderator of the event is Sjoerd Louwaars – Director of Innovation at PLNT, Leiden Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We’re very proud that this Hague Talks event, organised by the Hague Project Peace and Justice, is in cooperation with a numbers of partners, including Just Peace FestivalOne Young WorldUniversiteit LeidenHumanity HouseJustice Hub and the Paard.

The event will also be livestreamed for those who can’t manage to attend on the evening. Check our livestream here and join in the discussion on twitter @HagueTalks using #haguetalks to let us know your reactions to the speakers, questions and personal experiences on what make peace sustainable.