Masterclass International Negotiation by Sami Faltas

Masterclass International Negotiation by Sami Faltas

21 Sep 2018

14:00 - 18:00 @ Speakerscorner The Hague University of Applied Sciences

In his Master Class on 21 September, Sami Faltas will lead a simulation exercise. Karina is a country with three distinct religious communities that lived together in peace until war broke out between the Protestants and the Catholics. The ruling Muslim elite, the Queen and the UN brokered a peace agreement that has held so far, but not been properly implemented. Now the Secretary-General of the UN has sent a Special Representative with several advisers to Karina to help Karina build a fair and lasting peace. Despite all the declarations of good will, their job is not expected to be easy. It is hoped that consultations will lead to a road map for the implementation of the peace agreemeent. Whether this is achieved or not, the purpose of the exercise is to better understand the challenges of negotiating and building peace. Participants will learn more by doing than by listening and reading.

Sami Faltas is an independent trainer and consultant. He has published widely on defence and security matters is interested in democratic governance and teachings various subjects related to peace building.


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