20 Sep 2019

One of the key goals of the International Peace Day Expert Session at De Staat Beach Pavilion in The Hague will be to gather expert knowledge on the impact of war on children, which will help inform the upcoming Global Ministerial Conference on Mental Health in October 2019 where we will play a prominent role. Our priority will be to emphasise the importance of building psychosocial care into children’s emergency assistance.

The day will consist of interactive group discussions, keynote addresses and presentations on the topic of acting early with psychosocial support in emergency response. This will be led by expert moderators like Christine Pirenne, Head Humanitarian Aid at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; John Mahoney, experienced Mental Health Professional (WHO, Department of Health UK) and currently our Country Director of OPT; and our Director of Research & Development, Professor Mark Jordans, who will represent War Child at the Global Ministerial Conference on Mental Health. There will also be live music from harpist Lavinia Meijer.

13:00 - Welcome
13:30 - Group Discussions
15:00 - Welcome by Tjipke Bergsma, Managing Director War Child
15:15 - Reflection on the outcomes discussion groups led by Mark Jordans
16:00 - Break and networking with live music
16:30 - Experiences from the field
17:00 - Closing and final reflection by Mark Jordans
17:15 - Drinks, live music and networking