MasterPeace is a young, positive, international peace movement. We are active in more than 40 countries. Where we make a difference locally; at school, in the street and in the neighborhood. From Kathmandu, Nairobi and Utrecht to Medellín.

Our vision
The world has 7 billion talents, not 7 billion issues

Our mission
Mobilize, inspire and connect talents for a sustainable future with less conflict

Our core values
Positivity, impartiality, co-creation and “walk the talk”

Creating perspective is a core activity to realize our mission. The lack of perspective is a major cause of polarization, populism and extremism. Sources for conflict.

“Peace” is a catch-all term that we translate to size per continent and country. In the Netherlands our keywords are about peace; talent development, dialogue, citizenship, connection with yourself, others and your environment. Where schools are the channel to reach our target group (young people).

All our projects have the following components:

  • Mobilizing, inspiring and connecting young people through the use of music, art and sports ("soft power");
  • Organizing dialogue and bringing different stakeholders together;
  • Creating perspective by offering concrete actions for young people to promote "social cohesion" in their neighborhood.

Successful concepts are scaled up from the Netherlands to the MasterPeace clubs worldwide and vice versa.