Spreeek is a partnership consisting of organisations located in The Hague. Together, we organise talks and debates on the social and cultural themes of today.

Our goal is to make sure as many people as possible can join the conversation. At several locations in The Hague. Here on our website, you can find all our upcoming events listed by location and theme, as well as inspiring articles and podcasts.


The Hague is known for its decentralized cultural landscape. Unlike other cities, The Hague doesn’t have one cultural home where all debate takes place. Instead debates and dialogues take place all over de city. That’s fantastic! But it does make it harder for visitors to be aware of all that is happening in the city. Spreeek guides visitors to debates and dialogues organised by one of the joined partners.

Terms and Conditions for partners

The founding members of Spreeek aim/want to include/involve all relevant organisations. To accomplish this, we use these terms and conditions:

  1. Partner organisations of Spreeek are socially engaged, are committed to social and cultural causes, and underline the strategic principles and objectives of Spreeek.
  2. All partners commit to the terms and conditions of Spreeek, as they are set out in this document.
  3. All partners are aware participation is based on reciprocity. This is a collaborative effort based on give and take.
  4. Participants host their events in The Hague or in any neighbouring municipality.
  5. All events listed on spreeek.nl are publicly accessible to all/everybody.
  6. All events include an interactive/participatory element on a social topic.
  7. All partners strive to create an inclusive atmosphere. We facilitate open dialogue, inspiring conversations, and interesting debates. All characterised by an open attitude and a willingness to learn from each other.
  8. All partners contribute to Spreeek financially.
  9. All partners are committed to promoting all events listed on spreeek.nl.

Spreeek is constantly looking for new partners! Are you interested in becoming a Spreeeker? Please contact spreeek@emma.nl