Conversations about tomorrow: three talks on our colonial past

  • Date: 31 May 20:00 - 21:30
  • Location: Haags Historisch Museum

The exhibition Koloniaal Den Haag, een onvoltooid verleden (Colonial The Hague, an unfinished past) has been at the Hague Historical Museum for just under a month and a half. Starting May 31, they are organizing three evenings (May 31, June 28 and August 16) called Gesprek voor morgen (Conversation for Tomorrow) in conjunction with this exhibition, designed to offer new perspectives on colonial history.

Each evening has its own theme and consists of a lecture, a performance and a panel discussion between panelists and audience members. On Wednesday, May 31, the first discussion will take place, "Beyond the Cliche."

A young generation of researchers, writers and makers offers new perspectives on our colonial history. On three different evenings they will engage with each other and the audience.

The existing narrative is outdated and in need of an update....

Cliché and stereotype images in film, advertising, media and exhibitions are changing rapidly. This is happening under the critical eye and pressure of viewers, creators and writers. But some clichés keep coming back, especially when it comes to clichés and stereotypical images of Asian Dutch people. During this evening we will discuss to what extent and in what ways Asian Dutch people are represented in media and museums in the Netherlands. Do certain images prevail and which stories are systematically not being told? And how can we sustainably change this?

Please be advised that this event is in Dutch. 

Costs per evening: € 8,- (including coffee/tea)

Haags Historisch Museum

Korte Vijverberg 7
2513 AB Den Haag

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