Exhibition People of the Hague

  • Date: 22 July
  • Location: Centrale Bibliotheek, verdieping 4

Hagenaars and Hagenezen from The Hague's 44 neighborhoods are the focus of the exhibition and magazine Haagse Mensen starting May 15. They were photographed by photographer Daniel Heikens (known from The Hague's Matlas, among others) at their favorite spot in the neighborhood and tell why this place is so special to them. From an angling club in Madestein to a quiet beach in Duindorp and from the Hague forest to a playground in Bouwlust Vrederust. This exhibition and magazine with the stories of these Haagse Mensen is part of arriving at the environmental vision The Hague 2050.

Eight-year-old Maily Keus from Duindorp cherishes the "little beach" against the harbor. "The little beach is a place where especially local residents like to come. Sometimes we stay until late and have dinner together there as well."

The Hague Environmental Vision
2050 is about the future of The Hague and choices we make together in terms of building, nature, mobility, energy and safety. But it is also about places we want to preserve and protect. Some of these places these proud inhabitants and entrepreneurs show in Haagse Mensen.

From May 15 to June 26, the exhibition The Hague People will be on display at the Central Library on the 4th
floor. During this period, some of the photographs will also be on display at branches in the neighborhoods. The magazine can be picked up for free at the libraries. You can read more about The Hague's environmental vision here.

Jean-Bernard Maweja thinks the rainbow bench in Huijgenspark is of great value. "The bench evokes cheerfulness, is colorful, but is not just any colored bench: it symbolizes being different and diversity: 'everyone can be there'."

Centrale Bibliotheek, verdieping 4

Spui 68
2511 BT, Den Haag

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