OUR LAND - Decolonization, Generations, Stories

  • Date: 29 May
  • Location: Museum Sophiehof

The semi-permanent exhibition OUR LAND - Decolonization, generations, stories, shows Dutch colonial history in the East and how it continues to this day. Eyewitnesses of that history and their descendants tell their stories.

There are currently about two million people living in the Netherlands with a special connection to the former Dutch East Indies. They or their ancestors came to the Netherlands after the proclamation of the Republik Indonesia. It was the largest wave of migration ever. Some of them thought their stay here would be temporary.

The voices of eight families form the core of Ons Land. These personal and diverse but for many recognizable stories give a picture of the complex post-colonial history, and how differently it was and is experienced. The family stories in Ons Land start in the present. From there they lead us back into the colonial past. The exhibition ends again in the now.

Ons Land is not neutral, the story is neither complete nor finished. It is a snapshot in an ongoing process of awareness.

We are curious to hear your reaction

Think of this exhibition as an invitation to conversation. Your participation makes the larger story of decolonization and processing richer.

If you have visited the exhibition, of course we are curious to hear about your experience. Join the conversation about decolonization using the form below. Your reaction can be used for publicity purposes.

Organization Ons Land
Ons Land was produced by the Moluccan Historical Museum and the Indisch Remembrance Center in collaboration with Kossmanndejong and TiMe Amsterdam.

For more information contact info@indischherinneringscentrum.nl or 070-2002500.

Museum Sophiehof

Sophialaan 10
2514 JR Den Haag

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