Power - 800 years Binnenhof

  • Date: 23 April
  • Location: Haags Historisch Museum

Discover this political journey in the exhibition Power - 800 years Binnenhof. A story of power and counter-power, emancipation, democracy and the Dutch 'polderen'. Polderen stands for the Dutch consultation model. Employers, unions and government sit down at the table to make agreements.

For 800 years, the Binnenhof in The Hague has been about power. It is one of the oldest administrative centers in the world. Over the years, power at the Binnenhof has changed. There have been upsides and downsides. Winners and losers. Now the Netherlands is governed as a democracy from the Binnenhof. In the exhibition Power - 800 years Binnenhof you see how the Netherlands became a democracy. And what happened at the Binnenhof in 800 years time.

Go on a political journey

The Binnenhof is an enormously interesting place. Many important moments in Dutch history took place there. In the exhibition you will discover all sides of the history of the Binnenhof. The place tells the story of power and protest. Learn what the Binnenhof has to do with emancipation. And find out how the typical Dutch polderen emerged.

In the neglected and remodeled buildings of the Binnenhof, it has been about law and freedom and what that means for years. Discussions are held there again and again.

See what that looked like for the past 800 years. And how our rulers are just people too.

Power - 800 years of the Binnenhof tells the story of Dutch politics through four themes:

  • Building for power
  • Fighting for power
  • Sticking to power
  • Flaunting the power

In the Hague Historical Museum you can see unique objects and pieces of art that show the history of the Binnenhof. For example, the tongue and fingers of the De Witt brothers, the throne of King Willem III and the buttons of The Hague's Dolle Mina's. But also the most beautiful and special Prince's Day hats and the posters of the anti-cruise missile demonstration can be seen in the exhibition.

A thought-provoking exhibition

You are welcomed into an Binnenhof setting. The four protagonists of the exhibition take you back to the past in a short film. They will tell you, for example, about the debate surrounding the first female prime minister. Or what they think of protests in the Binnenhof. Don't expect a traditional history lesson, but see how the story of the Binnenhof is told from different sides.

Power - 800 years Binnenhof is on view from October 2, 2021 through December 31, 2023.

Haags Historisch Museum

Korte Vijverberg 7
2513 AB, Den Haag

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