Wasteland LAB: Streams

  • Date: 28 October 10:00 - 18:00
  • Location: Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag, The Grey Space in the Middle,

Join us for Wasteland LAB: Streams - a dynamic, two-day, interdisciplinary and interactive LAB about waste and water. Wasteland LAB invites makers and thinkers working at the intersection of art, technology, ecology and social studies to learn together about, think about and act on waste in our water streams. Through lectures, workshops and interactive research sessions we will approach the topics of waste and water from different perspectives.

The LAB brings together expertise, peer learning and exchange to inspire collaboration among artists, academics, activists and cultural practitioners and to encourage the development of new projects that address local and global waste flows.

In this edition, we follow waste moving in and through water. Starting with the North Sea, which has suffered and channeled pollution for centuries, LAB looks at ocean currents that transport waste around the world, legal rights of water bodies, (neo)colonial transports of discarded plastic, diplomatic and activist battles for environmental justice, and creative engagements with water pollution and waste crisis.
For two days we will come together to meet experts, share our knowledge, ongoing research and projects, fascinations and hopes, put our hands in the water and throw our minds into the heat of battle.

In this edition, we track waste moving in and through the water. Oceanographer Erik van Sebille shows how computer simulations help trace the movements of virtual waste particles in the ocean, using techniques from archaeology and statistics, while sonic artist Harpo 't Hart invites us to listen to the ocean. Anthropologist and social scientist Elena Burgos Martinez makes us aware of the geopolitical power relations that move waste flows from the North to the South.

With artists and designers Martina Muzi, Shahar Livne and Karin Fishnaller, we revisit the geo-design exhibition Junk: All that is Solid melts into Trash, and learn how artistic research and design thinking can critically reflect on waste as a consequence of a growth-oriented economy. Researchers and artists Alice Twemlow, Sissel Marie Ton and Lucy Cordes Engelman dive deeper into hydrofeminist perspectives on waste and invite participants to think about alternative knowledge and mythologies as a way to explore the relationship between humans and nonhumans.

Collective thinking, reflection and design sessions will intersperse these presentations throughout the two days of the LAB.

Tailored for practitioners and students in the fields of art, design, activism, ecology and social sciences, the program offers opportunities to deepen their knowledge, join an engaged community and forge new collaborations and friendships.

It takes place over two days between 10:00am-6:00pm.

Participants are expected to be present throughout the program to promote active engagement between all participants. If for any reason you cannot attend the LAB the entire time, please indicate this in your application form.

October 28 - 29, 2023

Language spoken:

daily 10:00-18:00

Central Library The Hague, The Gray Room in the Middle

All areas are wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible.

Participation fees are based on a "pay-what-you-can" principle, where participants can choose from three price ranges: €25 - €37.5 - €50, based on their financial ability. 

Vegan lunch and drinks are included in the price on both days. We are aware that it is not possible for everyone to pay this amount. If you would like to participate but cannot afford the amount, please contact us at katya@collective.wasteland.nl so we can work together to find a solution.

Complete this form by Oct. 23. 

There is a limited number of spots available. If there are more applications than open spots, we will make a selection. Our selection process is guided by creating a diverse group of participants.

Please email katya@collective.wasteland.nl if you have any questions.


The LAB is part of the transdisciplinary festival Wasteland 2023: Streams of Waste organized by collective.wasteland, an interdisciplinary group of researchers, artists, curators, anthropologists and designers consisting of Katya Borisova, Yannik Güldner, Leon Lapa Pereira, Erik Peters and Anne Vera Veen.

Website: www.collectivewasteland.nl

Instagram: @collective.wasteland

Email: info@collectivewasteland.nl

Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag,

The Grey Space in the Middle,

Spui 68
2511 BT Den Haag

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