Be together here in the Hague

Make a difference for Ukrainian newcomers in the Hague with your knowledge, network and time! 

Samen Hier is looking for groups of three to five friends, family members, colleagues or neighbors in The Hague, who want to support a Ukrainian person or a family for one year. We link you based on your characteristics and preferences to make sure there is a good click. We provide you with support during this year through training, guidance and community building. Together with your group, you set concrete goals and work on practical matters, such as finding a job or study, improving the language or exploring the city, so that newcomers are supported meaningfully. 

Do you want to expand your social network and support Ukrainian newcomers? Then form a group of three to five neighbors, family members, friends or colleagues in The Hague and register to participate via Deelname Samen Hier contactformulier!

For more information, please go to Justice and Peace and Samen Hier.