Free to be and become who you are

On January 28, the time had finally come: the kick-off of the Human Rights Caravan 2023! This year Initiatives of Change Netherlands, in cooperation with Dialoog in The Hague, will travel to different philosophical and social locations in search of the core of human rights. What does the term 'human rights' mean today? And how do we bring human rights close to home and close to ourselves?

During the kick-off we were guests at the beautiful synagogue of the Jewish Liberal Congregation in The Hague. After an inspiring speech by Rabbi Marianne van Praag, some 60 participants engaged in a conversation and explored what it means to them to be free.

Check out the atmospheric impression and photos of this special day below.

This story is written by Shereen Siwpersad en Wendy Meijer and has been originally posted on IofC