Nurturing talent for peace and justice

Lessons from the Just Peace Career & Talent Event

On October 7th, the Just Peace month hosted its Career and Talent Fair. In this event, hosted at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS), attendees had the opportunity to explore different career paths and opportunities through workshops, internship possibilities, listening to speakers, and conversing with company/organization representatives.

When you walked in, you were immediately greeted with a jobs and information fair. In the entrance hall of THUAS, 30+ participating companies and organizations set up stalls with a representative from their organization in addition to pamphlets, banners, and sometimes even videos to introduce attendees to the work they do. The day was filled with multiple events, including workshops, a keynote speaker and different panel discussions. Participants had the choice to join in on the activities they were most interested in. One of the main events was a keynote speech by Manpreet Dhillion – an equity, diversity, and inclusion specialist.

For example, in the workshop ‘Find Your Ikigai’, participants got the chance to look deeper into themselves and playfully explore potential directions in their careers and lives. The workshop was facilitated by Jill Wilkinson (Managing Director of The Hague Humanity Hub) and Kelly Buis (freelance facilitator and project manager), who together started the workshop by explaining the concept of Ikigai. The concept combines the Japanese terms iki (alive or life) and gai (benefit or worth). Together, they form the concept of that ‘which gives your life worth, meaning or purpose’.

Additionally, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health in the workplace has received more attention. This theme was also incorporated in the Just Peace Career&Talent event as well. Working in the Peace & Justice sector can be difficult. Professionals hear new stories about injustice, human suffering, and unequal distributions of wealth and opportunities daily. It is thus very important that personal mental health is taken seriously by both employers and employees.

Ultimately, the event offered an exciting and engaging opportunity for students and (young) professionals to explore their career options in tandem with their own desires and interests.

This story was written by Evelynne Stins