This is our dream

A city where the air is clean, the environment is green, all energy is generated sustainably and a heavy rainfall does not immediately lead to flooding. A city without natural gas and without electricity from fossil, polluting fuels. A sustainable city where life is good for all residents of The Hague and where everyone in The Hague does what they can in terms of ecological and social challenges as a matter of course. The Hague as a wonderful city to live in, also for future generations, for which more and more people are eager to move.

Our vision

In the Hague of the future, residents and entrepreneurs of The Hague feel responsible for their living environment and naturally contribute to their neighborhood, street or home with sustainable measures or behavior.

This is what we believe in!

We believe that people are the driving force behind the sustainable movement in the city. Not the government, or laws and regulations, or large companies, or "the market", but people: people who ask themselves the question: what can I do in my life, in my work, from my role in society to help shape this change? That is Haagse Krach! Haagse Krach is in everyone who can imagine the best version of the city, neighborhood or street for everyone, and who, inspired by that image, wants to get to work and get moving.

Our mission

We encourage and support the Hague Krach movement of people in The Hague who (want to) do sustainable!