The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law is a vibrant network of experts working on generating, sharing, interrogating and applying evidence in the field of security & rule of law. The Platform’s main objective is to improve the learning capacity and knowledge base of its members, specifically decision makers for Security & Rule of Law (SRoL) policy and programs.

The Platform serves as a knowledge broker and plays a key role in convening actors, initiating relationships and linking (unexpected) sources of evidence to relevant audiences. The Platform hosts a  repository of cutting-edge knowledge in the fields of security and rule of law, garnered from projects and programs undertaken by researchers and practitioners around the globe. The Platform additionally works to ensure greater uptake of generated evidence among policymakers, practitioners and researchers, through innovative dissemination strategies, the design and organization of thematic events and workshops, and the coordination of learning agendas among its members.

Aims and objectives

Based on a broad international orientation and engagement, the Platform strives to contribute to the evidence base of current policies, the effectiveness of collaboration and programming, while simultaneously facilitating the generation of new knowledge on security and rule of law in conflict affected contexts. Concurrently, the Platform aims to tackle the fragmentation of research funds by acting as the main vehicle through which the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ research funds regarding international security and rule of law are allocated.

Our activities seek to:

  • Fundamentally shape our understanding and approaches towards security and rule of law in fragile and conflict affected settings;
  • Influence and innovate policy and implementation; and
  • Facilitate mutual learning.