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  • Date: 22 August
  • Location: Atrium City Hall The Hague

The exposition Digital Rights which can be seen from September 11 to 22 in the Atrium of the City Hall, is created by students of the Inholland Sustainable Media Lab. The expo is supported by Inholland, Digital Rights House en Wish Will Way Foundation. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness among citizens about their digital rights and the impact of technology on our daily lives. Researching on neighbourhood level is important. For this project the neighbourhood Morgenstond in The Hague was selected. During the project students talked to citizens in order to learn more about the impact of digital rights in this neighbourhood. Through this expo, three groups will showcase their innovative prototypes, each focusing on a specific digital right. The groups have creatively developed their prototypes with the aim of fostering a greater understanding among the public. This project includes a virtual and physical expo. Watch this space for more details.

Project group Digital Gen
The first project team is ‘Digital Gen.’ A group of four students from different academic disciplines. Driven by a collective passion, they are dedicated to fostering awareness and imparting knowledge to both parents and children regarding the crucial importance of safeguarding minors in the ever-expanding realm of digital spaces.

“We have chosen the right of protection of minors. We focus on their digital presence, on social media for example. We created a comic book about a superhero that helps others with their digital rights issues.”

Project group Be aware of hate
This station which can be seen in the Atrium is an online personality test where visitors are asked to imagine themselves scrolling online and interacting with different posts about different topics. The questions ask “what would you do?” giving the visitor a choice between leaving a hateful comment, not interacting with the post at all or leaving a comment in support of all sides involved. The answers are coded in three colors: red, green and blue. In the end visitors can count the amount of answers they gave and which colors are associated with them, to see what type of online archetype they are.

“We focused on the theme of ‘hate speech’. The exhibition we created aims to raise awareness that hate speech exists and also provide information on what it is and what its consequences can be. We want to convey the impact of the consequences that can arise, for example, when leaving a negative comment online.”

Project group Empowered Women
The third project team is ‘Empowered Women’, a group of four dedicated women who have chosen the right of prevention of online (sexual) harassment and intimidation. The team feels passionate about empowering women and educating others on how to empower yourself by knowing your rights.

“Our exhibition and flyer campaign aims to initiate a conversation about sexual harassment online. We didn’t have the information when we were younger, and we want to provide that information to young girls and women today.”

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