North Korea's Geopolitical Power

  • Date: 15 April 19:30 - 21:00
  • Location: Nieuwspoort 

How Kim Jong-un enables the unfree world

The Ukraine war and the war in Gaza and Israel have changed world politics forever. In both wars, North Korea played a crucial role through its technology and weapons. How did North Korea become the factory of the unfree world? And what do these successes do to the military ambitions of Kim Jong-un himself?

In The Geopolitical Power of North Korea, professor Remco Breuker analyzes North Korea's growing influence on the world stage. How did Kim Jong-un become Putin's most active ally? And what lies ahead for the world as North Korea becomes increasingly influential?

In his lecture, Breuker also delves into the implications for his own region. Is Kim Jong-un seeking conflict with South Korea? And how can Seoul still count on support if Trump is elected? On this evening you will hear everything you need to know about North Korea's growing influence on world politics.

- Remco Breuker is professor of Korea Studies at Leiden University and author of The B.V. North Korea and The Korean Wave
- The evening's moderator is Annette van Soest, she is a presenter and journalist for Haagsch College, among others

Practical information:

Date: April 15, 2024
Start time: 19:30 hrs.
End time: 21:00 hours
Regular tickets: €17,50 and Poorter tickets: €15,-.
Chef's special: You can come for a bite to eat beforehand, order in addition to your hall ticket the Chef's Special a €16,50, then you are already welcome in our restaurant from 18:00 hours. Soon you will find here which special we offer.


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