A society where peace visibly lives in people. Peace as an inner power, independent of religion, culture of origin. Peace as a virtue, an original quality of yourself and anyone else. Peace as a source that inspires you to connect with others, to take action and develop initiatives.

This vision of the Peace in the Park Foundation has been translated into a central message, which reads: “Everyone wants peace. You too can do something with peace, in yourself and in your surroundings. Discover what you can do practically as a first small step and share that with others.”

Given the current circumstances with crises that are clearly emerging in our society, there is a growing need for new insights and practical tools when it comes to inner peace. To be able to remain peaceful in the midst of stressful circumstances.

Did you know that there is a variety of possibilities to create more peace in yourself and your environment? For example, to request the 'Inspiration book for inner peace' or the workshop 'Living peace'? Please contact us to discuss the different options. Mail to info@peaceinthepark.nl