The Diplomatic Tour: The Hague's International Zone

  • Date: 29 May
  • Location: Stadhuis Den Haag

Discover The Hague's International Zone with guide Martin Born, Manager of International Relations at The Hague Municipality. The area home to hundreds of international organizations such as the International Court of Justice, Europol, the International Criminal Court and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. But this area has a rich history. During World War II, the Atlantic Wall, a huge defense line, was built right through The Hague. Now it is precisely a place where many organizations work daily to make the world a peaceful, just and safe place. From war to peace.

The tour leads you through the area around the World Forum and past several famous international organizations. Although the organizations themselves are not visited, you will get an explanation of the work of the organizations and the architecture of the buildings in which they are located.

The tour starts at Museon Omniversum (37 Stadhouderslaan) and ends in front of the Peace Palace (Carnegieplein 2).

Tour details

Time: Approximately 2 hours

Bring: Your own water and a snack for along the way

Note: The tour ends at Peace Palace (Carnegieplein 2), not at the starting point.

Be sure to arrive at the start location on time.

Deze tour wordt ook in Nederlands gegeven! Ga naar deze link.

Stadhuis Den Haag

37 Stadhouderslaan
2517 HV Den Haag

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